76ers Leadership Donates Six Figures to Philabundance for COVID-19 Relief

Sports Illustrated
By Justin Grasso
March 30, 2020

With the NBA on hold for an undisclosed amount of time, a handful of members from the Philadelphia 76ers organization are looking for ways to help during such a tough time in America. From the Managing Partners of the team, all the way down to the rostered players, there are people within the Sixers circle who are looking for ways to remain positive and productive.

Lately, Sixers’ starting point guard Ben Simmons has put together a mission called ‘The Philly Pledge.’ His goal was to create a site, which would lead donors to verified, non-profit organizations, who can truly help make a difference in the City of Philadelphia.

Simmons’ research led him to Philabundance, and PHL COVID-19 Response. In order to bring light to those two non-profits, Simmons brought other Philadelphia athletes in the mix to help promote The Philly Pledge. From his teammate, Tobias Harris, to stars such as Bryce Harper, Claude Giroux, and Zach Ertz, Simmons has managed to bring out the big guns to get the word out about these organizations.

Now, Sixers’ Managing Partner Josh Harris is lending a helping hand as well. On Monday morning, Philanundance has announced they have received a significant donation from Harris and his co-partner, David Blitzer, in addition to the Sixers Youth Foundation as well. According to Philabundance, the 76ers partners have donated an undisclosed amount of money, which is in “six figures” territory.

A Statement From Philabundance:

“In keeping with their long-standing commitment to the City of Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia region, today 76ers Managing Partner Josh Harris and Co-Managing Partner David Blitzer, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Sixers Youth Foundation made a significant six-figure donation to Philabundance.”
“The donation will be used to provide 20,000 boxes of food that will feed 160,000 people across the Philadelphia region during this critical time of need.”

“The 76ers’ donation comes as many of the city’s professional athletes band together for Philly Pledge, an initiative launched by Sixers star Ben Simmons that has been created specifically to raise much-needed funds for Philadelphia-area nonprofits like Philabundance during the COVID-19 crisis.”

“This amazing show of support from the 76ers and its leadership will go a long way to helping us continue to purchase food and distribute it to our network of partners to help feed those in need,” said Philabundance Executive Director, Glenn Bergman. “We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Sixers Youth Foundation, Josh Harris and David Blitzer and thank them for being leaders in our community when we need them most.”

So far, Simmons’ idea has gone according to plan. Over the last couple of days since its launch, ‘The Philly Pledge’ has helped drive tons of attention toward these two Philadelphia-based non-profits. His efforts have been noted by Philadelphia’s Mayor, Jim Kenny, and has now helped generate a generous donation by the team’s managing partners.

Originally Published in Sports Illustrated.